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CHP Cogeneration Systems CHP: Combined Heat & Power

In the conventional systems, the generator set produces only electrical energy and can work with efficiency between 32- 42% that depends on operation type like as lean burn or stoichometric. All of the heat energy transferred to the environment and efficiency is limited with engine mechanical and generator electrical efficiency.

Cogeneration (CHP - combined heat & power) is the producing of electrical & heat energy together from a single source and to get a conclusion of high efficiency and low emissions. Heat energy can be utilized as a hot water, steam, hot oil or chilled water with a special equipment to increase the system efficiency.

CHP operation, opposite of conventional generator set system, allows to use the heat energy from jacket, exhaust and/or intercooler system of engines. And to reach the highest efficiencies between 85-95% according to the engine property. It means that consumed natural gas for generator set (or biogas like digester, landfill and sewage) will be evaluated in 85-90%. Short delivery time and refunds of investment, long runtime period and low emissions for cleaner environment are popular advantages of the CHP systems.

The most important point is to decide choosing the right generator set. In applications without network, the right selections are the stoichometric engines with the reason of high step loads with high heat power (electrical efficiency %30-37).In power export applications the right selection is the lean burn engines with the reason of fixed load with high efficiency (%40-42).

Trigeneration system is a further step of CHP system to get refrigeration. It is formed with adding of ABS chiller,cooling tower, heat exchanger, pumps and 3-way valve on CHP system. Heated water(around 95’C) will be proceed in this additional system to give cooled water(up to 7’C) to customer side. According to requests, trigeneration systems are suitable for using in all seasons, even in winter.