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Pure Energy

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Arex Power Systems

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Manufacturing & Warehouse

Keep your business working

Downtime means lost revenues. And the longer the power outage, the more damaging to your bottom line. Protect your business with a Arex standby power system.

Data Centers

Feel the Secure

Losing your customers' data means losing your reputation. Arex standby power systems can meet any Uptime Institute tier design requirements. And we have Accredited Tier Designers on staff to assist you.


24x7 Communication service

With more people than ever using cellular telephones for voice and data, Arex can help you keep them connected during an extended power outage.

Municipal & Government

Maintain sevices

Police, fire, and 911 call centers can't afford to be without power when an emergency strikes. Protect your emergency management infrastructure with Arex standby power.


Keep educate no matter what

From ensuring that research facilities operate uninterrupted to protecting data from across multiple campuses, many kinds of Arex standby power systems are ideal for backing up institutes of higher learning.

Office & Banking

First step to professionality

Computers, lighting, video conferencing, climate control--all these technologies require power. Keep your office or financial institution up and running during a power outage with a Arex standby power system.

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